Legacy Audit Quality and Transparency Reports

These legacy reports provide details on our commitment to continually enhance audit quality.

The Transparency Report and any related supplements outline KPMG’s structure, governance and approach to audit quality within a strong system of quality control and were published in accordance with the provisions of the NYSE Listed Company Manual Section 303A.07 and Article 13 of the European Union’s (EU) Regulation No. 537/2014.

Previous most recent reports

       2022 Transparency Report (Jan. 2023)

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       NYSE Supplement (Jan. 2023)

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        EU Supplement (Jan. 2023)

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Earlier Reports

2021 Transparency Report (Released Jan. 2022)

2021 Transparency Report NYSE Supplement (Released Jan. 2022)

2021 Transparency Report EU Supplement (Released Jan. 2022)

Audit Quality Report 2020 (Updated Feb. 2021)

2020 Transparency Report (Updated Feb. 2021)

2020 Transparency Report (Released Jan. 2021)

2020 Transparency Report NYSE Supplement  (Released Jan. 2021)

2020 Transparency Report EU Supplement  (Released Jan. 2021)

2019 Audit Quality Report  (Released June 2020)

2019 Transparency Report  (Updated June 2020)

2019 Transparency Report  (Released Jan. 2020)

2019 Transparency Report NYSE Supplement (Released Jan. 21 2020)

2019 Transparency Report EU Supplement (Released Jan. 2020)

2018 Audit Quality Report  (Released Jan. 2019) 

2018 Transparency Report (Released Jan. 2019) 

2018 NYSE Supplement Report (Released Jan. 2019) 

2018 EU Supplement Report (Released Jan. 2019) 

2017 Enhancing Audit Quality and Transparency Report (Released Dec. 2017)

2017 Transparency Report EU Supplement (Released Dec. 2017)