Audit Innovation Blog Viewpoints

Written by KPMG’s National Audit Innovation Leader Shaun Budnik, these audit blog viewpoints will help you stay current on trending innovation topics.

Stay current with audit innovation blog viewpoints

A compilation of our latest blog posts on audit innovation, written by Shaun Budnik, National Audit Innovation Leader.


Second Time’s a Charm for KPMG Challenge Winners

KPMG innovators share what inspires them and advice for pursuing your trailblazing ideas.

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Innovation = Problem solving 101

One healthcare entrepreneur views innovation as problem solving. Read more in this insightful Q&A. What business problems are you tackling?

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Purple Suit Man at the Café: Will You Be My Mentor?

Having a mentor is about what valuable insight they offer, regardless of gender, race, religion or professional background. And this insight can surely come from someone outside of your company. It is not always about picking someone who you think will help you get promoted.

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Audit of Tomorrow: Exciting Roller Coaster Ahead

With a marketplace filled with disruptors and emerging new technologies, how can auditors stay head of the curve in the industry?

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Why You May Soon See Flying Auditors!

Many industries today are capitalizing on drones to increase efficiency and quality. How can auditors use drones to automate and innovate the industry? What are the possibilities?

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Audit Resolutions For the Changing Landscape

Four new year's resolutions every auditor should make and keep. How auditors can position themselves for success in the changing landscape in 2017.

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