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We help clients assess, manage and remediate IT-related risks


Technology is changing financial reporting. Machine learning, natural language processing, and AI can automate tasks that require time-consuming manual oversight. Nearly every interaction in business begins with data, whether it’s a sales or services transaction or the data provided by functions and partnering organizations.

At KPMG, our goal is to audit technology with technology, making financial audits more efficient and providing our clients with a better audit experience.

KPMG Technology Assurance services include:

IT Audit: Driving quality insights in the audit

Need the confidence to fully embrace technological change?

Today’s companies are facing an evolving regulatory environment with increased oversight - all while undergoing digital transformations.  With digital acceleration comes exciting opportunities to transform your business but the need to ensure your financial data and controls remains front and center.

At KPMG, our professionals possess specialized technology skills that help deliver deep insights about your company and industry that will help you assess and mitigate potential risks.

Do you rely on your technology infrastructure as part of your financial reporting?

KPMG can help:

  • Strengthen stakeholder confidence in financial reporting
  • Create comfort in IT control effectiveness
  • Proactively address risks across your organization

SOC/Attestation: Enhance trust in your control environment

Transparent controls-related reporting to build trust

While technologies like cloud computing and blockchain enable more efficient service delivery and boost the attractiveness of outsourcing, they may also raise financial and reputational risks. The KPMG suite of SOC attestation services helps your company build trust in their service delivery processes and controls to increase your stakeholder’s confidence in your data.

Are your stakeholders looking for assurance over your operating environment?

SOC reporting can:

  • Provide insights to help your organization enhance their controls environment
  • Deliver transparent controls-related reporting to increase customer and stakeholder confidence
  • Allow for greater trust in financial audit data accuracy
  • Mitigate financial and reputational risks associated with service delivery and using outsourced service providers 

ERP Controls: Manage change and risk on your ERP journey

Minimize risks on your ERP journey

When you implement a new ERP system, you unlock opportunities.  The growing popularity of cloud-based ERP systems enable new efficiencies in your organization, but they also can bring business interruption, system security, and data integrity risks. 

With KPMG, our robust experience and knowledge of major ERP systems provide an objective view on the specific risks and controls, and their potential impacts that can help you manage and remediate potential challenges during and after your transformation.

Are you implementing a new ERP system?

Let’s get started:

  • Real-time system assessments help identify risks during your technology transformation
  • Preemptive identification and proactive remediation of ERP risks
  • Enhanced reliability of ERP system safeguards and controls
  • Improved confidence in financial reports based on ERP system data

Technology Assurance Insights

We deliver quality, efficiency and insights for your business. 

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