KPMG Private Enterprise Audit

KPMG Private Enterprise brings a tailored approach to auditing private companies, helping us deliver a better audit experience.



Our customized audit approach promotes technology-driven efficiencies and deeper insights specific to a privately owned business or portfolio company.

Whatever the complexities and business challenges you face, KPMG Private Enterprise can help.  Our Audit professionals receive customized training and hands-on experience addressing the specific needs of private companies.  We align our professionals to your organization, and they have one overarching objective – to deliver the highest-quality audit with the best possible experience.



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With a KPMG Private Enterprise Audit, your private company will experience:

Tailored independent audit approach.

We scale our independent audit approach to meet the specific requirements of a privately owned business or portfolio company, resulting in an efficient, quality audit that complies with applicable professional standards.

Technology-driven efficiencies.

Our integrated solutions—in the hands of the industry’s best people—simplify your audit, promote efficiency with real-time visibility, and deliver enhanced quality. 

Focused professionals.

Auditors fluent in technology, skilled in your industry, understanding of the private company dynamic, and determined to add value to shape a fundamentally better audit experience. 

Commitment to quality.

Our relentless focus on enhanced quality—and not just compliance—drives more accurate results and transforms the audit process. 

Unmatched client service.

Delivering a better audit experience guides our every innovation—from our tools and services to our people and processes. 

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Our private company audit approach

KPMG has made a concerted effort to clearly identify how we approach private company audits. Our team will employ the KPMG Audit Execution Guide (KAEG) for private companies to provide a high-quality audit and thoughtful service. Our ability to deliver a high-quality audit is based on a deep understanding of your business processes, accounting policies, internal controls, and unique financial reporting issues. KPMG will work closely with your management team during transition to understand how you manage and analytically review the business, to help ensure we are applying an effective and efficient audit approach.

Our audit methodology helps ensure that we meet all professional standards through a tailored private company lens. This encourages our engagement teams to draw upon our skills, experience, and judgment to develop a tailored audit approach specific to your situation, and allows us to efficiently complete the audit while still meeting the highest standards of quality.




Key differences in approach

Specific areas where private company audit teams might decide on approaches that differ from those in a public company audit are as follows:

  • Determination of materiality
  • Determination of significant accounts, which influences the extent of testing
  • Extent and type of substantive analytical tests
  • Approach to journal entry testing
  • Extent of internal controls testing
  • Testing of system-generated reports and Internal review protocols


Our people

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Salvatore Melilli

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