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In today’s digital world, our lives are enriched by increasingly connected and shared experiences. Our audit is too with KPMG Clara.

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Smart audit platform  

KPMG Clara is KPMG’s smart audit platform, designed to facilitate more seamless and transparent interactions between you and your engagement team. This secure platform offers a centralized portal that serves as a single source for the exchange of important information.




The benefits of KPMG Clara for your audit


Streamlined client experience

And deeper insights into your business, translating to a better audit experience.


A secure client portal provides centralized, efficient coordination with your audit team.

Intelligent workflow
An intelligent workflow guides the audit team through the end-to-end audit with direct connectivity to the PCAOB standards.

Increased precision
Advanced data analytics and automation facilitate a risk-based audit approach, increasing precision and reducing your burden.

How can we deliver a better audit experience for you?

KPMG Clara automation


KPMG Clara features automation capabilities that utilize emerging technology in the audit to deliver a better audit experience. By using KPMG Clara automation to drive a risk-based, data-driven quality audit, you get increased visibility and efficiency with reduced disruption to simplify your day-to-day audit. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits automation can bring to your audit. 

KPMG Clara analytics 

KPMG Clara leverages data and analytics to deliver data-driven, actionable insights – and a tailored audit experience focused on the areas that matter most. 

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KPMG Clara for clients 

KPMG Clara for clients connects our audit teams with yours to communicate and track progress in real-time.

Watch the video to learn more about the KPMG Clara experience.




KPMG Clara highlights 

KPMG Clara provides a customized site to share and receive information with your audit.  


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A more transparent audit experience

KPMG Clara helps deliver a more streamlined, transparent audit experience

There’s a lot to keep track of during an audit, from quarterly reviews and risk assessments, to control testing, substantive testing and walkthroughs—all in addition to behind-the-scenes planning and management of multiple teams, timing, and individual schedules. Historically, this has created challenges for our clients and our people.

For one team focused on a client with locations across the US, KPMG Clara’s PBC management and Task management tiles have brought considerably more transparency to the audit experience. 

“Before, too many PBCs were delivered late,” the team’s senior manager says. “After implementing KPMG Clara for clients, this issue was significantly reduced.”

With management’s support and involvement, along with all of the information in one place – in a platform that is simple, intuitive and fit for purpose – the KPMG engagement team and our client could step back, understand the pieces, and meet deadlines in a more organized way.

This team expects KPMG Clara for clients to become even more integral to the audit and is now diving deeper into the platform to increase efficiencies across document exchange, collaboration, communication, and project management.  It’s all part of delivering a better audit experience for our clients.

Standardization is a critical element in driving audit quality

KPMG Clara is an important component in how we ensure quality and consistent execution to ensure seamless integration with methodologies, standards, and our approach to the audit in a very standardized and consistent way.

KPMG has in recent years made significant investments to bring greater clarity to the audit process through a modernized approach and methodology that expands the use of advanced technology. Enter KPMG Clara. This next-generation, cloud-based audit platform enables the delivery of a smarter, data-driven audit that focuses on audit quality, enhances productivity, and leads to deeper insights. 

We felt a real need to have a more integrated platform in which we would conduct our audits. That platform would integrate a more modernized technology platform with direct alignment with the PCAOB and AICPA audit standards, and in a way that we could better integrate the use of data and technology into the audit, and provide a real-time learning and coaching environment for our auditors.
Bill Tomazin, national managing partner of audit operations at KPMG

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