KPMG Clara

KPMG Clara, brings together today’s and tomorrow’s technologies to work globally to integrate and manage the audit.

Reimagining the audit experience with KPMG Clara  

Automated. Agile. Intelligent. Scalable. Our new global cloud based platform enables a delivery of a smarter, data driven audit. 

Introducing KPMG Clara

In today’s digital world, our lives are enriched by increasingly connected and collaborative experiences. Now, the audit is too. Introducing KPMG Clara.

Our new global, cloud-based platform enables the delivery of a smarter, data-driven audit that focuses on audit quality, enhances productivity and leads to deeper insights.

KPMG Clara is our next generation audit platform which is designed to facilitate more seamless and transparent interactions between you and your engagement team. This secure online platform offers a centralized portal that serves as a single source for the exchange of important information.


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