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KPMG helps federal agencies achieve their mission with efficiency, accountability, and transparency. 



KPMG is a leading Federal auditor performing audits for 9 of the 15 Cabinet-level agencies. With over 100 years of service to the Federal Government, KPMG helps Federal organizations adapt to new environments by working with them to transform their business models, leverage data and emerging technology, protect information assets, increase operational efficiencies, and ensure greater transparency while focusing on their mission. 


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KPMG Federal Audit Services include:

Financial Statement Audits

KPMG has been engaged by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) community to perform financial statement audits since the inception of the Chief Financial Officers Act (CFO Act).

Technology Assurance

At KPMG, our professionals possess specialized technology skills that help deliver deep insights about your agency that will help you assess, evaluate, and mitigate potential IT risks.  Our IT assurance professionals have deep experience in Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA), Systems and Organization Reporting (SOC), and general and application controls.

Privacy Assurance

KPMG privacy assurance services help an agency identify risks to the regulatory obligations. We provide recommendations to assist in developing a tailored plan to safely manage information and adopt a structured and flexible approach to meet an agency’s privacy objectives. 

Performance Audits

KPMG has a dedicated team of performance auditors who specialize in assisting federal agency management and the Office of Inspector General with performance audit initiatives. Our professionals help our federal clients identify and evaluate the risks and results associated with the achievement of an intended operational or program objective using our consistent and technology-enabled approach.   


As a leading provider of federal financial statement audits, our team brings extensive knowledge and experience to successfully perform the Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) requirements.  Further, KPMG brings a wealth of technology tools and best practices to perform ICOFR engagements in a more meaningful and data driven manner which results in a transformational client experience.

Grants Management

At KPMG, our professionals possess deep experience with the Uniform Grants Guidance (UGG) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-122.  We provide assessment services over the completeness and accuracy of data so that federal agencies can make more informed decisions and track grant spending progress.

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