A more transparent audit experience

KPMG Clara helps deliver a more streamlined, transparent audit experience

KPMG Clara

Part of our global smart audit platform, KPMG Clara, creates a streamlined audit experience serving as the single place for engagement teams and clients to exchange information, report and monitor progress of the audit, obtain audit insights via thought leadership, data analysis and visualization, and more.

There’s a lot to keep track of during an audit, from quarterly reviews and risk assessments, to control testing, substantive testing and walkthroughs—all in addition to behind-the-scenes planning and management of multiple teams, timing, and individual schedules. Historically, this has created challenges for our clients and our people.

In Action: For one team focused on a client with locations across the US, KPMG Clara’s PBC management and Task management tiles have brought considerably more transparency to the audit experience.

“Before, too many PBCs were delivered late,” the team’s senior manager says. “After implementing KPMG Clara for clients, this issue was significantly reduced.”

With management’s support and involvement, along with all of the information in one place – in a platform that is simple, intuitive and fit for purpose – the KPMG engagement team and our client could step back, understand the pieces, and meet deadlines in a more organized way.

This team expects KPMG Clara for clients to become even more integral to the audit and is now diving deeper into the platform to increase efficiencies across document exchange, collaboration, communication, and project management.  It’s all part of delivering a better audit experience for our clients.

How can we deliver a better audit experience for you?