Advanced technology is changing the face of audit

We’re witnessing a transformation in the way we do audits thanks to the proliferation of powerful technology tools. Auditors are developing the necessary skills and acumen to capitalize on this technology so we can continue to deliver high quality audits that satisfy regulatory standards and our clients’ needs.

There’s a better way. KPMG.

New developments offer new opportunities

Cloud. Blockchain. Data and analytics (D&A). Robotic process automation (RPA). Drones. Intelligent automation (IA). These advanced technologies are revolutionizing the business landscape, drastically transforming the way companies work. And just as the business world is changing, the audit profession is adapting and adjusting the way it works. Auditors are utilizing these advanced technology tools to collect, analyze, and – most importantly – understand the vast amounts of client data so they can continue providing quality audits that offer even deeper insights into their clients’ organizations.

The result is that auditors can spend more time gaining deeper perspectives about the client’s processes, inventory and systems controls, which they can share with management and boards via the audit. In fact, more than 74 percent of corporate finance executives say their auditors use advanced technologies, and 94 percent believe that this improves audit quality.


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Humans: Be free

A provocative look at how Artificial intelligence (AI), data and analytics (D&A), and intelligent automation (IA) are shaping the future of business and society as a whole. People and tech are rapidly converging to creatively solve problems, uncover the next big idea, and influence the future of life as we know it.

People: The power of technology

KPMG is investing in the future with emerging technologies, continuous learning, culture-driven people, process and knowledge to drive audit quality, efficiencies and better audit experiences. 

Deep-dive virtual sessions help clients realize increased value from their technology investments

KPMG Audit Ignition experiences bring clients together with KPMG specialists to better leverage mutual technology investments. In this setting, we review our combined technology capabilities to optimize opportunities for enhancing quality and the overall audit experience.

For clients with highly sensitive data and a healthy dose of professional skepticism, we know that aligning our technology journeys requires confidence, communication, and demonstration of capabilities. That’s why we invite clients to a virtual Audit Ignition experience. 

For one multinational corporation interested in demonstrations and proof points before moving further, the KPMG team was able to walk through current uses of KPMG Clara for clients and solutions for journal entry analysis, as well as future possibilities optimized by increased access to data. 

Engaging with clients on tough questions through the Ignition experience -- even virtually -- brings the full weight of KPMG tech capabilities to the table. Moreover, with our interactive technology app, clients can seamlessly explore all our capabilities with a single touch.

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