Three Key Areas where Technology is Modernizing the Audit

Game-changing technologies are driving some of the most profound changes in the modern audit.

Lou Trebino

Lou Trebino

Audit Chief Technology Officer, KPMG US

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Technologies Modernizing the Audit

Advanced analytics and automation, powered by adaptable artificial intelligence, assist auditors with the ‘reading’ of documents, thus freeing up time and resources for more important work: human-based analysis for a greater focus on areas on increased risk.

Blockchain networks provide a transparent, immutable, secure and decentralized way to record assets and transactions.

Virtualization, perhaps the most remarkable facet of the modern audit, provides secure, private, shared digital environments where auditors can safely access financial records or other documents.

The use of key technologies helps auditors boost productivity and efficiency and deliver a better audit experience. 

Auditing is about evidence and validation where auditors have traditionally needed to verify findings firsthand, but now technology has begun to change that model.
Lou Trebino, Audit Chief Technology Officer

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