The ESG journey to assurance

There’s broad awareness and commitment to ESG, but the details? Read how companies say there’s still work to do.

Maura Hodge

Maura Hodge

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Ruth Tang

Ruth Tang

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KPMG survey on companies' ESG reporting efforts


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For many companies, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) can feel like a moving target, especially in the reporting and assurance space. We surveyed financial executives as part of a KPMG U.S. report, The ESG journey to assurance. This report drills down on some of the key issues companies are facing in the new reality of ESG and its evolving guidelines and best practices.

The survey includes feedback from 246 financial reporting executives from companies representing a broad cross-section of industries, sizes, and revenues, from both public and private organizations. While this report shows “progress” on ESG reporting and assurance, we look forward to providing updates as ESG moves steadily forward.

Key highlights


 Professionals surveyed believe ESG makes business better


 Surveyed say their overall ESG reporting strategy was in flux


 Respondents cited at least two challenges to their ESG reporting efforts

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